Why tea choose tin box packaging

In view of the current stage, an exquisite tin box packaging can be more attractive to customers, and a variety of packaging and printing pattern designs and colorful color combinations can more touch everyone’s hearts. Let’s talk about the tin box packaging of tea in terms of details below:

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1. Tea must be stored properly to maintain a sense of mystery.

Due to too much heat, taste, moisture, gas, direct light source, you can always change the characteristics of your tea. An air-tight container is a necessary way to store the freshness of tea. It should be stored in a dark, odorless, and moisture-free natural environment. The room temperature is not likely to be very harmful to most teas. The packaging will cause harm to the tea. The iron box packaging here can better ensure the mystery of the tea, and the airtightness is relatively better than the gift box plastic packaging bag.

2. The tea tin box packaging design can be made in different shapes according to the product design.

Everyone also attaches great importance to the choice of tin box packaging. In order to better comply with the use value of the goods, different types of tin box packaging can be designed. For example, in addition to the diversified selection and matching of the color pattern design, the shape and size of the tea tin box can also be designed to be humanized. Including long, square, round, and special-shaped, this kind of packaging can be designed according to customer’s requirements, and mold processing can be designed. The tea tin box gift design can also be based on different main uses, festivals, and folk culture. Customized design plan. The logo, product information, and corporate information of the product in the whole process of tea tin box production, packaging and printing can help to grasp consumer behavior and enhance the company’s well-known brand power.

3. The surface of the high-quality tea tin box is relatively smooth and clean, there is no residue, no dirt, and it has a smooth and layered feel to the touch.

The packaging and printing of the iron box has clear surface mesh, clear structure, neat sections, clear text, no deformation, no printing prohibition, no random scratches, no burns of printing ink, no residues. After cleaning the tea tin box, there should be no oil stains left by the stamping die, and there should be no residue or dirt in the tin box. In order to better avoid secondary scratch damage, each tin box should be packed in a PP plastic bag. Reasonably ensure the quality of the tin box packaging.

4. The simple tea tin box packaging can keep the tea fresh.

Everyone knows that green tea leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. As long as there is a relatively high proportion of water (about 6%) in the stored tea leaves, locking will change the quality of the tea leaves. In turn, keep your tea leaves frozen and avoid obvious flavored ingredients, especially freshly ground coffee and spices. Warm up the tea tin box to room temperature (15-30 minutes), then turn on the tea tin box. If it is opened immediately, the moisture in the air will solidify in the tea is undesirable. You may have noticed that you use simple tea tin boxes to keep your tea fresh. The packaging of the tea tin box is especially suitable for short-term storage (usually 3-6 months). Applied properly, they will avoid odor, air oxidation and moisture.

Tea tin box

Based on the four points above, I firmly believe that readers should be able to understand some secrets about the packaging of tea tin boxes. Hurry up and share with your friends who love tea, so that he or she can feel it. You are kind to him/her!

Post time: Apr-13-2021