Why food like to be packed in tinplate cans

As a manufacturer of tinplate boxes, I have seen many tinplate boxes of all kinds. Tinplate boxes are divided into many types, corresponding to the various requirements of today’s society. Take food as an example. Not every kind of food can be delivered to consumers fresh, which gave birth to the storage technology. Food safety is everyone’s concern. At this stage, except for the food that is consumed daily or in a short period of time, which will be stored in other materials such as plastic and paper, most other foods that must be kept tightly closed require cans. Tibetan. The reason is that the airtight can be sterile to ensure that the food is safe, edible and easy to transport, but what material is generally good?

Generally glass and metal cans. Not to mention the advantages of glass, it is harmless in itself, it will also like it in appearance, and it can also achieve the effect of sealing, but it has some shortcomings and is fragile. People can always invent many things, so there are pots. The classic is that when you talk about cookies, you will think of cookie boxes. Canned storage can be stored for longer, so that other people away from the production area can enjoy the food; and because it is canned, transportation is also convenient. Another important reason is that the jar itself is not easy to be damaged, which can ensure food safety and reduce unnecessary losses caused by damage. Now that people’s living standards are improving, people are paying more and more attention to food. In fact, you can rest assured that the current production technology can guarantee the safety of the tin can itself. Iron products cannot accept water, corrosion, etc., because these will cause a chemical reaction of iron, thereby affecting food. But I have to say that there are too many foods that carry water, acid, and alkalinity in the food we eat, so ordinary iron cannot be filled. Nowadays, a layer of insulating coating is applied to the inside of many iron boxes to prevent the food from contacting the iron cans, thus ensuring that the iron boxes do not affect the food. But some people are also worried about whether the coating will affect food or the human body. Nowadays, production companies follow national standards. All food packaging needs quality inspection, and all materials used need to be reviewed, so You can rest assured of this.

Compared with glass jars, iron cans have another advantage. Iron cans are reusable renewable resources. This is the purpose of current social development. It is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen to protect the environment. This is  By land Can Packaging Co Lt which specializes in manufacturing tin cans and tin boxes, which can be customized according to drawings.

Post time: Apr-01-2021