What are the benefits of using a tea tin box to store tea?

“Tea”, as a traditional drink suitable for all ages in my country, has also received more and more attention from us. Tea has a history of thousands of years in my country, and almost every household is drinking tea. Ordinary people regard tea as a refreshing drink to quench their thirst, and rich people regard tea as an elegant hobby. Of course, the tea that these two people drink is different. But no matter what kind of tea, if it is not stored properly, the tea will lose its original fragrance. Some people get a good tea once in a while, reluctant to drink it and plan to store it up to entertain guests at home, tea is also the best way to make friends, no matter where you come from. So, what are the benefits of using tea tin boxes to store tea leaves?

tea tin box

The main reason for the transformation of tea leaves is that the sealing is not tight, so that the tea leaves absorb moisture and peculiar smells in the air and lose their original flavor. And the more expensive the tea, the easier it is to taste. Storage in a tin box can handle this question well. The tin box is tightly packed, which can excellently isolate the contact between the tea leaves and the air, and has an excellent effect on moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, light-blocking, and anti-odor. At the same time, the iron box itself has no peculiar smell and will not affect the original fragrance of the tea leaves.

Put the tea leaves into the iron box, close the lid tightly, and place the tinplate box in a cool place, which can not only prevent the iron box from rusting, but also slow down the aging and deterioration of the tea leaves. The tea leaves stored in this way, when they are taken out and brewed from scratch, are still fragrant and touching.



Post time: Sep-13-2022