What are the advantages of iron box compared with other packaging materials

At present, the product packaging on the market is roughly divided into three categories: plastic packaging, carton packaging, and iron box packaging. Among them, plastic and carton packaging are more common, while iron box packaging is relatively less, but there are still many iron box packaging. Advantages, iron box packaging products have various shapes, exquisite designs, and can play a good protective role. The following tin box manufacturers will introduce to you the differences and advantages of tin box packaging compared with other packaging products.

If your plastic box is food grade, you can use a plastic box, if not, use an iron box. Plus, if you’re packing food in a food package, both packages will work! In fact, these two kinds of packaging devices have their own advantages, but for frozen food, we recommend that you still choose iron boxes. The reason is that plastic boxes are not easy to thaw. The iron box transfers heat faster. And the iron box is generally made of iron, which is smaller than the plastic thickness of the plastic box. In contrast, the iron box conducts heat faster. So the frozen food in the tin box is easy to thaw.

What are the advantages of iron box compared with other packaging materials

Chewing gum is a kind of candy that we often eat in our daily life. It is based on natural gum or glycerol resin as colloid, and is blended and pressed by adding syrup, mint, sweetener, etc. for people to chew in the mouth. sugar. In addition to paper packaging and plastic box packaging, the rest of the packaging used for chewing gum is the packaging of tin boxes. What role can chewing gum be packed in food tin boxes?

Advantage 1. The chewing gum food tin box pattern is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also small in size, which is convenient for you to carry around. No matter on any occasion, take out one or two pieces of chewing gum and gently put it in your mouth. The rich fruity aroma and refreshing mint will make consumers feel tired, fresh breath, refreshed throat, and full of energy, so they can devote themselves to work with a happy mood. and in life.

Advantage 2. Compared with other paper and plastic packaging, the chewing gum packaged in the food iron box has a strong airtightness, which can solve the trouble that the chewing gum in the can is easily broken by impact and collision. It also has good protection against water and fire, and can improve the shelf life of chewing gum.

Post time: Mar-18-2022