The development history and advantages of tin cans

When the tin iron canmaking industry was just started, it was limited by the production process and technology. Nissan rarely used a limited range. Now it has experienced long-term development and technology accumulation with a daily output of tens of millions. It can meet the increasing demand for packaging of goods. Tin cans are becoming lighter and lighter, and harder and harder. Tin-iron packaging provides effective protection for food, beverages, paint, chemicals, tea and other products. Since tin cans are made of recyclable materials, they are safe for the environment and a better choice than plastic. Many brand companies have therefore turned to canned products to promote the development of the recycling industry. Tin can recycling has become a billion-dollar industry worldwide and a successful environmental protection business in the Tin iron is an iron sheet coated with a layer of tin on the surface. It is not easy to rust. It is also called tin plated iron. This kind of coated steel plate is called “tinplate” in China. For a long time, some people think that because of the plating used to make cans at that time Tin sheet is imported (English name Macau can be read as horse mouth), so it is called “tinplate”. For example, in the past, China used this kind of tin-plated sheet to make kerosene lamp caps, which were shaped like horse horns, so they were called “tinplates.” The name “tinplate” is not exact. Therefore, the name “tinplate” was no longer used in official documents at the China Tinplate Conference in 1973.

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Tin-iron packaging has a wide coverage in the packaging container industry due to its good airtightness, preservability, light resistance, robustness and unique metal decoration charm, and it is a universal packaging variety in the world. With the continuous enrichment of various CC materials, DR materials, and chrome-plated iron, the development of packaging products and technology has been promoted, and tin iron packaging is full of innovations.

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Many advantages of tin-iron packaging containers, such as high strength, good formability, and strong product compatibility, have established a good reputation in the international market. Therefore, all countries generally attach importance to this kind of packaging container, which is a very large metal packaging sheet in the world.

According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness of the tin-iron material, the amount of tin plating, and the mechanical properties have different needs. Since its inception, tinplate has been developing in the direction of thinning. One is to use less tin, or even not to use tin, and the other is to reduce the thickness of the tinplate substrate. Its purpose is to adapt to changes in canning products and reduce the cost of canning.

With the continuous improvement and perfection of tin-iron printing technology and processing technology, tin-iron packaging is more and more widely used. At present, China’s iron and tin production capacity continues to increase, and its imports will gradually decrease. In addition to some high-end products still need a small amount of imports, the ever-changing international packaging industry demand puts forward higher requirements on the quantity and quality of metal packaging.

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