The characteristics of the tinplate box

In the metal packaging tin can manufacturing industry, aluminum is commonly used to produce aluminum two-piece cans, aluminum easy-open lids, cans, etc.! But the miscellaneous can industry is not common. In order to meet the needs of customers, product innovation is carried out in terms of shape, printing, raw materials, etc. The following will introduce the characteristics of aluminum in tinplate boxes.

The benefits of tin packaging SSC_2-300x300
1. Characteristics and applications of tinplate boxes
1. A layer of dense aluminum oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of aluminum. The existence of this transparent and colorless film can prevent the progress of oxidation and can play a role in rust prevention.
2. Aluminum is a kind of silver-white light metal rich in resources. The world’s aluminum production is second only to steel. Its application in the metal can packaging industry is also second only to steel. The reason why aluminum materials are widely used to make metal cans is that it has many advantages and characteristics.
3. Because aluminum is non-toxic, the food in the aluminum can is safe and hygienic, and it will not produce a metallic odor due to the escape of heavy metal ions. The decomposition of the material will cause the vulcanization to turn black, and this phenomenon will not occur if you switch to aluminum cans.
4. The density of aluminum is very small, 2.78, which not only greatly reduces the quality of tinplate, but also the cost is not much different from that of tinplate. Its tensile properties are much higher than tinplate boxes.
5. The recycling of aluminum waste is easy to handle and is conducive to environmental protection. It can not only save energy consumption but also prevent the pollution caused by waste, and its recycling value is much higher than scrap iron

Post time: Jun-09-2022