Shape attributes and characteristics of tin packaging containers

With the progress of productivity level and the rapid development of economy, people’s consumption concept has transitioned from rational consumption to perceptual consumption. People’s demand level is more inclined to psychological and spiritual satisfaction on the basis of material satisfaction. Those low-priced products that only satisfy the use of this function can no longer attract the interest of consumers, and people turn more to fast-paced, New products with high performance and pursuit of personalization and high taste. When conducting market research on tin box packaging design, the designer should fully understand the consumer’s preferences, interests, the sales status of similar products, and customers’ opinions, so as to examine the purchasing ideas of potential consumers in the market, and have similar products in the past. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

Shape attributes and characteristics of tin packaging containers

When an enterprise conducts market operations, on the one hand, it can fully consider various external environmental conditions according to the specificity of the target market; on the other hand, it also needs to carry out strategic planning for marketing. In addition, designers should pay close attention to the development of new technologies and the market intention of products, master first-hand information, and apply new technologies and new processes to the updating and upgrading of product tin packaging; the design must adapt to such changes, and must fully consider The attributes, volume, weight, shape and other factors of the product.

The shape and structure design of the tin box packaging container should be developed according to the attributes and characteristics of the product, combined with the needs of the market and consumers, and consider the functions, materials, materials and other aspects, and have a targeted and diversified design.

In terms of the target market, in-depth market research should be carried out, starting from the needs of the target consumers, developing new products and new tin packaging, using all marketing methods to open the market, enter the market, and meet the needs of the target consumers, or Manufacturing purpose consumer demand. In the design of tin box packaging, designers must constantly strengthen the marketing awareness of the market.

Post time: Mar-01-2022