Is tea in a tin box good?

The natural conditions for tea planting include topography, climate, soil type, etc. The terrain is dominated by hills and the drainage conditions are better. Abundant precipitation, small annual temperature difference, large temperature difference between day and night, long frost-free period, good light conditions, such climatic conditions are suitable for the growth of various types of tea trees, especially for the growth of large-leaf tea trees. So how can tea be preserved better?
The best tea in a tin box


Tea has a fresh and elegant natural flavor, but if it is stored improperly, it will lose its original flavor. The more high-end and expensive tea leaves, the more difficult it is to keep fresh. So, how to save the tea after buying it? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Jiao Chunhui, manager of the quality inspection department of Beijing Wuyutai Tea Company.

Manager Jiao told reporters that there is a saying about tea: one year treasure, two years grass. If you often drink tea, you should drink it whenever you buy it, especially green tea. Because tea houses generally have professional fresh-keeping equipment, customers buy the freshest tea leaves in the store, and they do not need to buy in large quantities.

There are 4 points to pay attention to in the preservation of the tea you buy home: First, avoid a humid environment. When the moisture content of tea leaves reaches 8.8%, it may become moldy; when it reaches 12%, if the temperature is suitable, mold will rapidly grow in large quantities, and mold flowers and mycelium will appear on the tea leaves.

Second, tea should be stored at low temperature and in the dark. Both sunlight and light have an impact on the quality of tea leaves. The higher-end green tea and scented tea are more sensitive to light. There is a term in the line called “sun tan”, which means that a long time of sunlight will produce a bad sun odor.

Third, tea leaves are easy to absorb odors. After the purchased tea leaves are wrapped in paper, they are wrapped and sealed in two layers of polyethylene food bags, and then placed in a dry place. Do not put tea leaves together with odorous items, such as mothballs, Soaps, perfumes, cigarettes, etc.
Fourth, tin boxes and porcelain jars are the best containers for storing tea, followed by iron boxes, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. Plastic bags and paper boxes can also be used. In particular, the iron box should be placed in a cool place, not in direct sunlight or in a humid place with a heat source. On the one hand, it can prevent the iron box from oxidizing and rusting, and it can also inhibit the speed of aging and deterioration of the tea leaves in the box.

Packing tea in plastic bags is one of the easiest and most economical ways to store tea today. But to choose edible packaging bags, it is best to choose high-density and thicker ones. In order to reduce the loss of tea aroma and improve the moisture-proof performance, you can put a layer of plastic bag, tie the bag with a rope, and place it in a cool and dry place. The tea storage method in a thermos is also good. The storage method is to fill the space of the bottle with tea leaves and close the stopper. It is worth noting that teas of different grades and varieties should be kept in different categories and should not be mixed.

Post time: Aug-15-2022