How to reduce the shortcomings of metal tin box packaging that is easy to rust

If you look carefully, you will undoubtedly find tinplate packaging in your home. Gift boxes such as tea tin cans, moon cake tins, and food tins all use tinplate. Tinplate cans often quickly enter every stage of everyone’s life. Not only are they exquisite appearances, but the reuse value of environmental protection is also in line with the core concept of everyone’s life today.

Although the iron box has many advantages, it also has its objective and realistic defects, that is, it is easy to rust. Everyone knows that in a certain natural environment, the iron box will rust. Every year the whole world is caused by iron rust. Cause incalculable damage. Today, when resources are relatively limited, metal corrosion is a problem that everyone attaches great importance to. Everyone, tinplate boxes rust a lot due to poor storage every year, so in today’s relatively advanced high-tech technology, what professional skills can reduce metal rust?

Due to the characteristics of metal, rust is unavoidable. What you can do is to increase the service life of the tin box. Therefore, the continuous independent innovation of metal packaging products and the continuous improvement of packaging professional skills have greatly improved the anti-rust effect of metal packaging materials. For tin box manufacturers, it is necessary to use first-grade tinplate, and apply technological advances to hot-dip galvanize the surface of the tinplate to prevent the tinplate from contacting the gas immediately. In addition, suppliers should be reminded that when storing tinplate boxes, they must be careful to handle them carefully, without breaking the tin on the surface, and store them in dry areas, avoiding wet and cold natural environments.

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Post time: Mar-25-2021