How to clean and maintain the tea tin box cleverly

People often say: “Seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.” This shows that tea has penetrated into all walks of life. So Chinese people love to drink tea, so do you all know about the maintenance of tea packaging boxes?

1. Try to avoid contact with oil stains on the tea tin box. If you accidentally get some dirt that is difficult to remove, don’t scrape it with a hard object. You can put cigarette ash on the dirt and wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove the stains. Local stains It can be wiped with pure cotton cloth dipped in polishing paste.

2. The tea tin box with matte surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water; while the tea tin box with smooth surface can be wiped with high-quality silver washing water to maintain a long-lasting bright luster.

3. Do not put food or drink in the tea tin box overnight to avoid staining the surface. After cleaning the tea tin box, be sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it in time, because the remaining detergent and water droplets will damage the surface of the tea tin box.

4. Avoid contacting the tea tin box with flames or placing it in heated areas. When the tea tin box is heated to more than 160 degrees Celsius, its texture will become brittle and the utensils will peel off into powder or dish-like. Therefore, the tea tin box manufacturer recommends that you treat the tea Do not heat the iron box crafts above 160 degrees Celsius to avoid damage.

In fact, it is not difficult to clean and maintain the tea tin box, and it is not easy to say that it is simple. It mainly depends on how you clean and maintain the tea tin box.

Post time: Nov-16-2020