How do consumers view metal packaging?

With thousands of products on retail store shelves, eye-catching packaging design is your only on-the-ground tool to encourage consumers to sell. Whether you’re selling beverages, food, or brick-and-mortar products, your product packaging needs to be noticed when someone is looking for a product in-store, and it’s imperative to offer something unique to attract customers. Knowing how to get people to respond positively to your packaging design will help you sell more products. In this way, the packaging that can attract consumers to buy goods is a good packaging.

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1. Metal packaging spans a wide variety of iconic formats, each with its own consumer perception. Food tins are one of the oldest methods of food preservation and as such are a trusted form that has evolved over the years to be an extremely effective method of delivering nutrients to the masses. Beverage cans are the perfect synergy of product and packaging, with carbonated products providing pressure to enhance cans in the supply chain. Consumers appreciate this symbiotic relationship – lightweight, well-designed and infinitely recyclable – that embodies the ideal of sustainability.
2. The popularity of beverage cans in the craft beer market has led to a surge in printing technology as new competitors try to stand out in a crowded market. Brands can now use textures, or inks that respond to temperature and light. Beverage customers can even use cans to change the design of their cans, and Shangzhimei packaging can implement up to 24 different designs in the production process.
3. Promotional packaging is also fertile ground for metal packaging. Brands have long understood its association with quality and have used substrates to enhance premium and luxury. Fashion Packaging has developed a variety of methods to further enhance the substrate, providing the designer with an excellent toolkit. From effective matte/gloss combinations to more exotic metallic and holographic effects, there is a huge selection of printed topcoats and varnishes.
4. Consumers recognize the environmental benefits of metal packaging. Metal is 100% and can be recycled indefinitely with no loss in quality or performance. In fact, it is the most recycled packaging material in the world. This alone makes metal packaging more important than ever.

Post time: Sep-19-2022