• Tinplate printing

    Tinplate printing also uses the physical properties of water and ink to repel each other. With the help of printing pressure, the printing plate graphics and text are transferred to the tinplate via a blanket, which belongs to the principle of offset printing. Because tinplate has special physica...
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  • Why tea choose tin box packaging

    In view of the current stage, an exquisite tin box packaging can be more attractive to customers, and a variety of packaging and printing pattern designs and colorful color combinations can more touch everyone’s hearts. Let’s talk about the tin box packaging of tea in terms of details below...
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  • What are the advantages of using tinplate cans for tea packaging?

    People like to use tea to entertain guests or give gifts. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, all kinds of product packaging are constantly upgraded. Nowadays, most teas are packaged in tinplate cans. What are the advantages of using tinplate cans for packaging? C...
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  • Why food like to be packed in tinplate cans

    As a manufacturer of tinplate boxes, I have seen many tinplate boxes of all kinds. Tinplate boxes are divided into many types, corresponding to the various requirements of today’s society. Take food as an example. Not every kind of food can be delivered to consumers fresh, which gave birth ...
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  • The development history and advantages of tin cans

    When the tin iron canmaking industry was just started, it was limited by the production process and technology. Nissan rarely used a limited range. Now it has experienced long-term development and technology accumulation with a daily output of tens of millions. It can meet the increasing demand f...
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  • How to reduce the shortcomings of metal tin box packaging that is easy to rust

    If you look carefully, you will undoubtedly find tinplate packaging in your home. Gift boxes such as tea tin cans, moon cake tins, and food tins all use tinplate. Tinplate cans often quickly enter every stage of everyone’s life. Not only are they exquisite appearances, but the reuse value o...
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