Canned Food Tins

  • 7113#400g food tin can

    7113#400g food tin can

    7113#/72.9mm*113mm 3-piece food tin can 7113# cans are used for packaging fruit,vegetables,meat, aquatic products,etc. Features:  1) non-toxic to human body 2) no polution to foods, meet food safety standards to the foods. 3) Excellent leakproof and corrosion resistance 300/300/300*407 3- 7113# food can(UNIT):mm NAME ITEM DIMENSION(mm) D BODY INSIDE DIAMETER 72.90±0.15 H FINISH CAN HEIGHT 101.50±0.30 b FLANGE WIDETH 2.70±0.10 W SEAMING LENGTH 2.7...
  • 539# food tin can

    539# food tin can

    539#/52.3mm*39mm 3-piece food tin can (UNIT):mm (NAME) ITEM DIMENSION D BODY INSIDE DIAMETER 52.30±0.15 H FINISH CAN HEIGHT 39.15±0.15 b FLANGE WIDETH 2.00±0.10 W SEAMING LENGTH 2.50±0.10 d BODY WALL THICKNESS 0.14/0.15 BH BODY HOOK 1.85±0.10 CH COVER HOOK 1.65±0.10 OL OVERLAP LENGTH ≥1.00 T SEAM THICKNESS 1.00±0.05 OL% OVERLAP PERCENT ≥50% TR% TIGHTNESS RATING ≥50% g NET CONTENT 70g...
  • 401#/99mm*124mm 3-piece food tin can

    401#/99mm*124mm 3-piece food tin can

    Model No.401# cans are used for several kinds of canned foods such as nutrition powder, sauce, meats.The food grade lacquer inside of cans protects tinplate from corrosion of acidic substance. Type of Lids:  Easy Open/Ring Pull MOQ for customized design: 15000pcs Model 202# 211# 300# 307# 401# 404# 603# Dia(mm) 52.3 65.3 72.9 83.3 98.9 105 153.5 Height(mm) 39-160 39-200 40-200 42-205 43-150 43-150 68-250 Some customers want to see a cu...
  • Canned Food Tin Can(3-piece)-Easy open can

    Canned Food Tin Can(3-piece)-Easy open can

    1. Nontoxic to human body, no contamination to food, ensure. The food complies with food health standard.
    2. Excellent properties of leak and corrosion resistance.
    3. Internal lacquer: gold, white, aluminum etc.
  • 2-piece-ring pull-metal-tin can-for-packaging food

    2-piece-ring pull-metal-tin can-for-packaging food

    Two-piece type tin cans are made by stamping machines, there is no welding on the can body, thus the cans are 100% airtight after sealed with easy open ends.