1gallon-2gallon-3.5 gallon Popcorn Tin Boxes_Pails

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  • 1 gallon tin: Dia155*156mm(H)
  • 2 gallon tin: Dia223*Dia248*195mm(H)
  • 3.5 gallon tin: Dia230*Dia260*290mm(H)
  • 6.5 gallon tin: Dia290*Dia310*360mm(H)
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    Empty Popcorn Tins and Snack Cans for Wholesale

    Tapered for Nesting and Shipment

    Byland Can manufactures the best quality Popcorn Tins in the industry for snack foods and gift baskets. Tins are the best mail order gift solution!
    For decades they have been a gift-giving favorite for the holidays. We have stock availability in an array of beautiful designs- Christmas and all-occasion, as well as solid colored cans. Our larger tapered and straight sided Popcorn Tins are great for potato chips, pretzels, cheese curls and other favorites. Dividers are available for our popcorn tins to allow for two or three snacks in one pail.

    1 gallon tin  Dia155*156mm(H)
    2 gallon tin  Dia223*Dia248*195mm(H)
    3.5 gallon tin  Dia230*Dia260*290mm(H)
    6.5 gallon tin  Dia290*Dia310*360mm(H)

    1gallon-2gallon-3.5 gallon Popcorn Tin Boxes_Pails2

    1gallon-2gallon-3.5 gallon Popcorn Tin Boxes_Pails3 1gallon-2gallon-3.5 gallon Popcorn Tin Boxes_Pails4

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