125ml 250ml 500ml 1L Custom Paint Tin Packaging 4L 5L steel tin bucket 10L 18L 20L 25L Pails

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The Paint industry has always been a staunch supporter of tin containers, for its sealing properties as well as eco-friendliness. BylandCan has serviced to paint industry mainly in the areas of industrial coatings, varnishes, wood enamel etc.

We supply tin containers used for decorative as well as industrial purposes. The tin containers sizes range from 100ml-250ml-500ml-1liter to 4 litres and 5Liters ,Tin buckets 10L/15L/18L/20L/25L in round shapes with plastic/wire handle. Our clients know and trust us for their quality concerns. We make every effort to deliver to their expectations. We undertake stringent quality measures like Visual test, Air-pressure test, and Drop tests.

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Metal pails great containers for transportation and storage. As they have a cylindrical/conical shape, metal buckets can be stacked inside one another.

These metal buckets have a lid and a latch. They are particularly robust and ideal to store and transport hazardous or dangerous substances. These tin pails have a complete opening, so we can easily empty them out without any residue.

All model has a UN certification.

Below is data sheet of size for round paint tins:

Sizes Diameter * Height( In mm) Min Order Quantity ( numbers )
50 ml Deepdrawn 54*30 12500pcs
100 ml Deep drawn 59*35 10000pcs
200 ml Welded tin 72*60 10000pcs
500 ml Welded tin 82*105 7000pcs
1 L Welded tin 104*125 5000pcs
4 L Welded tin 175*190 1200pcs
5L Welded tin 175*230 1200pcs
10L Bucket 298*275*275mm 1000pcs
15L Bucket 298*275*310mm 1000pcs
18L Bucket 298*275*330mm 1000pcs
20L Bucket 298*275*365mm 1000pcs
25L Bucket 298*275*440mm 1000pcs

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